The venue has almost been sold out!  Only a limited number of tickets are left, Friday pre-practise and standing tickets for Saturday and Finals which can be bought at the entrance on the day of the competition.

We are offering tickets for the training on Friday at 4–9 pm, for the finals on Saturday and a pack for both. The ticket for the finals is a day-ticket that includes all three classes and it won’t be possible to buy a ticket for only one class. Prices are listed below.

This is the arena overview.

If you want to team up to cheer for your national super heroes the flags gives you a hint where to book your seat. We figured you all would enjoy gathering up alongside your fellow country men on the stand! This is only our seating proposal

Are most of the seats already taken or you're late with buying your tickets? Don't worry. Tickets for standing-room-only will be available for purchase on the actual day in the arena.

Pre-Practice Ticket

100 sek
Ticket for the pre-practice on Friday
100 SEK | Adults
80 SEK | Children/youths (3-15)
FREE | Children (0-2)

Weekend Ticket

300 sek
Ticket for both days. The ticket lets you access the pre-practice on Friday as well as the finals on Saturday
300 SEK | Adults
200 SEK | Children/youths (3-15)
FREE | Children (0-2)

Finals Ticket

250 sek
Ticket for the Finals where everything determines
250 SEK | Adults
150 SEK | Children/youths (3-15)
FREE | Children (0-2)

Select your ticket above

The three links below wll take you to the specific ticket type. For an overview of all tickets on the third party site, you can follow this link

When booking your ticket, you can change the language on the top right.

Choose the amount of tickets, after that you will be able to choose your seeting.

Our recommendation is to book your ticket below, but if you want to place a call to the call center and have personal service when booking your ticket, you can call +46 771 45 46 00. Note that there will be a service fee of 10SEK per ticket if you book over the phone.